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All of staff have one thing in common; a passion for health and wellbeing. Many of our staff have a health & fitness background but others want to join us because they want to add the "FITCare Values" to their support work. All our staff are supported by the "FITCare Community" which entails training and resources that will build your career and opportunities for advancement

Male and female FIT Care support workers standing infront of a background of tress.

Support Services

Demonstrating we have met the specific quality and safeguards requirements to provide quality service to people with a disability. The NDIS supports a better life for many Australians with a disability and their families. By offering access to support services like FITCare, the NDIS provides people the opportunity to live a happy more independent life.

Registered Support Categories

Core Supports

• 0107 Assist Personal Activities

• 0108 Transport and Travel Assistance

• 0120 Household Tasks

• 0125 Participation in Community, Social & Civic Activities

• 0136 Group and Centred Based Activities

Capacity Building Supports

• 0116 Innovative Community Participation

• 0117 Development of Daily Living and Life Skills

• 0125 Participation in Community, Social & Civic Activities

• 0126 Exercise Physiology and Personal Training

Support worker conducting a survey with a client.

Our support staff all receive training in exercise and nutrition support with many of our staff coming from a health & fitness background.

This gives FITCare its foundations for incorporating the healthy lifestyle into all aspects of the care and support we offer.

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